The Christmas Tag Part 2

Thank you to Jack for nominating me! Check out Jacks blog about finance, health & fitness and travel. His recent post explains how he gained a net worth of £700k at the age of 23.

Jack compiled a list of 12 questions, that are fun and engaging and themed all around Christmas. 12 bloggers can also be tagged so this game can keep rolling all the way throughout the festive period!


  • Include the rules after your introduction
  • Thank the person who tagged you, and link back to their post
  • You can tag the game host if you like, but don’t feel obligated (link here)
  • Answer the 12 questions
  • Once finished, tag 12 other bloggers and link to their blog sites
  • Most of all, have fun!

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I just love the festive feeling, all of it, the decorations, the lights, the love and laughter. The celebration of a year, but my favourite is a time to celebrate those around you, your nearest and dearest. I do enjoy my two weeks off work to relax and rest before the busy New Year.

2. All time favourite Christmas movie?

Die Hard or Love Actually. Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

3. Do you break your diet and exercise regimes for Christmas?

*Checks diary to see what diet and exercise means. I don’t worry about what I’m eating or how much I’m exercising over Christmas. I don’t have as many calories as I used to so that’s enough for me.

4. Sun & beaches or snow & log cabins?

Snow and log cabins! Really want to do this next year it sounds perfect. A lovely cabin all decorated with fairy lights and a bookshelf in the corner with flameless candles everywhere. Hope we have a white Christmas!

5. Massive family get together or low key and close family only?

Definitely low key and close family only, our family has shrunk in the last ten years. We will be having a celebration of those that wont be with us this year.

6. How will Covid-19 affect your Christmas?

Luckily for me not that much. I used to enjoy my Christmas shopping in town but this year I’ve done it all online and had it delivered which was much better. I will miss the run up to Christmas that you typically get working in an office like events and secret Santa. I’m still taking part but online as I’m working from home.

7. Is Santa Claus real?

Yes he is, I will be following the tracker for his sleigh, as he visits the world, during Christmas Eve too! He is a real person- have a look at Wikipedia!

8. How badly do you blow your Christmas budget?

Last year I blew it to the extreme, but this year with everything happening I have been a lot more careful. Plus we have saved money from not being able to go out.

9. Ultimate Christmas dessert?

Its got to be the traditional Christmas pudding or Christmas Cake, we’ve had both of those already and that was during October!

10. Drinking and partying or cosy up and watch Christmas movies?

Cosy up and watch Christmas movies is my favourite! A lovely blanket with hot water bottle, PJ’s on and candles on. Perfect!

11. What is your New Years resolution?

I just want to continue to be happy, this year has helped me to see what is important in life and being happy is the most meaningful.

12. Covid-19 aside, how was your 2020?

Apart from the shock of the last nine months 2020 has been a good year. I was furloughed for four months which was horrendous at the time, although its taught me a few things and gave me time to myself which I’ve never really had since I started work in 2000 after leaving school. I luckily was able to go back to my job and carry on with my career which I’ll be forever grateful for and the support from my colleagues has been amazing. I quit my drinking and with all the extra time on my hands I’ve had a much more meaningful five months of reading, writing and helping in my community. I started my blog which has helped me in so many ways including learning new skills, having a space to write all the words that take up space in my head and the blogging community is just the best and so supportive. Its also opened up an opportunity to write a chapter of a book that will be published next year- watch this space! My relationships have meant so much more to me which I never realised in this much detail before. I’ve grown to learn so much about myself and learnt to enjoy the little things in life. Things I took for granted before I now cherish.


I would now like to tag my 12 bloggers, who will be able to carry on the game – keeping the game rolling, hopefully, all the way through the Christmas period!

  1. JoJo
  2. Jaclyn
  3. Em
  4. Jessica
  5. Jenna
  6. Gemma
  7. Lauren
  8. Eleanor
  9. Eleanor Sophie
  10. Thomas
  11. Rachael
  12. The Yorkshire Clayton

13 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag Part 2

  1. I feel similarly to you about this Christmas – I’ve actually enjoyed doing my Christmas shopping online this year, it’s been less stressful! Although I do miss going to Christmas markets in town. I would love to stay in a log cabin one year! x

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  2. Love this post, these are so many great questions about Christmas. I love your resolution, what an important thing you have learned. Cheers and have a happy holiday season!

    Liked by 1 person

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