Ad | Seasonal Planner Review

Winter Planner from Kirsten @ The Seasonal Planner

Seasonal planners allow you to start afresh each season, keeping focused on your tasks at hand and stress free.

This planner has ready printed pages to plan everything, from planning your goals each quarter to writing lists and budgeting to doodling. I cant wait to start using this planner tomorrow. It is very interactive and includes lots of pages and useful tools to help you plan your life. It is the Personal Assistant you always wanted.

There are planners available for all seasons:

  • Spring- March, April, May
  • Summer- June, July, August
  • Autumn- September, October, November
  • Winter- December, January, February

I’m looking forward to keeping everything in one place when it comes to working, blogging and volunteering. The daily diary is split into times which will be very handy to make sure I’m on track. I love how you can personalise it and add some colour.

I’ve lost track of times that I’ve started a diary or planner and got part way and left it. At least having a new one each season will allow you to refocus on goals and tasks.

This planner should be on everyone’s desk it is a bargain at £12 and I guarantee you will love it. It would also make a lovely gift for someone, its perfect for carrying around and for your desk. Its A5 and ringbound so will stay flat as you write in it. There’s lots of information relating to each season within each seasonal planner, it helps you with what is happening in your busy lives.

The Seasonal Planner is created by Kirsten, who kindly sent me this winter planner, so a big thank you to Kirsten. Without Kirsten, I wouldn’t have known about seasonal planners otherwise and I’m very excited to start mine. This is just the type of planner I’ve needed.

Keep a look out across my social media for pictures as I use it through the winter months.

To buy your winter one, click here.

To buy a bundle or for other options please click here

Disclaimer: I was gifted this planner in return for an honest review. I only recommend products and services I trust. All prices are correct at the time of writing this post.

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