Summer 2020 Memories

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Its safe to say that summer is over, its definitely feeling more wintery and colder. What a summer it was, its was certainly a summer like no other, nobody expected the kind of summer that we had, but its one that I wont forget in a while.

My usual summer would consist of working, having holidays abroad, days spent in beer gardens and the occasional sit in the garden for a bbq. My actual summer this year consisted of being out of work, no holidays abroad, no beer gardens and the only place I could go was my garden. It was very different, but one where I learnt so much about myself, I feel very lucky to have what I have and this year made me realise it.

I’m going to start with April, I found myself out of work due to furlough. I never even knew what that word meant before April and I found myself one of the ones doing it. Here’s my blog post that explains that time of my life and things I will take from it. I don’t regret having that time to focus on myself during a tough time, but it was difficult hearing from colleagues who were still doing work stuff. I was lucky to have two BFF’s. Best Furlough Friends, to talk to and confide in.

I’m so proud of my colleagues and everyone else who worked through those times and the ones who have been affected by redundancies.

Easter was quite a strange one, we all had to stay at home. Even popping to the shops wasn’t an option at this point. I’m glad that we went to Costco a month before and stocked up on toilet roll.

May was a quiet month, I did jobs around the house, did some paintings (below) and caught up on books and tv.

I had my lockdown birthday which is also one I will never forget. My family surprised me and my friends daughter baked me a cake. My colleagues brought me a present and I felt really spoilt. It was a good socially distanced birthday.

By the end of May, I was really missing family and friends. Even though I saw them through the window and online during zoom quizzes, I just needed a hug, which I couldn’t have. It was difficult but I was just grateful to see them, I still get emotional when I think about these times and I wasn’t sure when id see them next and if they got ill would I ever see them again?

June was quiet again, I started blogging and volunteered with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Volunteering for Yorkshire Ambulance

My furlough tan was looking good by June and I was growing tomatoes and strawberries in the garden. I also enjoyed Tiktok which was something else i’d never heard of before, I tried to entertain the nation in the hope this would be my break in life and id be so rich! It didn’t work, but I had fun doing it! I have something to look back on.

Chilling in my pool when it was red hot

The beginning of July would have marked ten years since we lost Dad, my sister and I should have been in Cornwall from the 3rd. Just our luck they didn’t raise the restrictions until the 4th July for campsites so it got postponed to next year. We did take a trip to the beach in the middle of the night to watch the sunrise, that was brilliant!

Waiting for the sunrise at the beach

By now my mental health had taken a good battering, pandemic, furlough, redundancies, the daily figures, the government briefings, schools & offices closed. Dads had missed out on their children’s births, people were dying of covid alone, care workers had to live away from their families. It was all too much and I wasn’t coping so I quit alcohol.

Mid July I received a phone call about going back to work, I was so excited. I felt like the new girl again, I just wanted to get back to work and be part of the team. I feel lucky, given the circumstances of so many people losing their jobs.

The rest of July, August and September passed quickly through a whirlwind of zoom and teams meetings and I had a couple of lovely camping breaks. I missed my two weeks in Malaga but that is rebooked for next year. The world seemed like it was getting back on its feet and we had a bit of normality.

End of September I decided to paint my kitchen, it doesn’t look too bad, don’t really want to spend lots in case we move house.

I was able to see friends and family properly again, though it was still a while till we went out for food. Still haven’t been to the pub yet, don’t think I really miss it. I love being sober, its been 70 days and I feel amazing! According to my phone I’ve saved Β£700 and 40k calories, so why am I not rich and stick thin πŸ™‚

Here we are in October, the final quarter of the year. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas are looking very different compared to previous years. As quoted in a recent Community First Responder meeting, winter has come early. I’m hoping that we have a quiet few months and nothing else too dramatic happens. I’ve really been looking after myself in preparation for the winter months, if I do get poorly I’ll be able to fight it better. I’m hoping that colleagues, friends and family steer clear of illness and look after themselves during the winter months. If you feel run down, take some time out to look after yourself. Its been a tough and strange year for everyone.

So, that’s summer summed up. Its been like being on a rollercoaster, but I’m happy and happiness is all we can ever wish for.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

17 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Memories

  1. These paintings are so pretty! I really love the beauty and the beast inspired rose if I’m honest. An isolation birthday sounds so fun too x

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  2. This year and summer has definitely been a rollercoaster. Your kitchen looks great, I’m desperate to paint our cupboards too. I hope the last three months of the year go well for you.

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  3. I love your paintings!! And thanks for sharing your experiences over the last few months! This pandemic has been tough for a lot of people, so I understand that your mental health took a hit during this time but I hope things are on the up now! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Feel free to read some of my blogs πŸ™‚

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