Where to visit in Whitby & Robin Hoods Bay

My most favourite two places to visit in the whole world is Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay at North Yorkshire. When the weather is lovely its a stunning part of the world to be in. The beach is my happy place.

The history of this place is so interesting with stories of pirates, smugglers, fairies and ghosts. Regular ghost walk tours happen here if you like that sort of thing. There are stories that a headless man roams the narrow, cobbled streets. Search on google for “headless Bert” to read the story.

We had a three night stay in a tent booked at Robin Hoods Bay during August. Unfortunately the storm cut our stay short and we left after one night. We went back to Robin Hoods Bay mid September in a glamping pod for three nights. It was a well needed few days away. Just like everyone else, we haven’t been able to go on any of the holidays we had planned for this year.

Here’s what we did and here’s where you should go when you visit Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay:

Thursday 27th August– We checked in at Bay Ness Farm camp site, Robin Hoods Bay around 1pm and set the tent up. The view was lovely even though it was grey and drizzly weather. We cooked our evening meal on the stove, as it was too windy for the bbq, followed by a hot chocolate and a bit of reading. We also had to try and hold the tent down most of the night, which then ripped so we decided to leave the next day once we had finished what we had planned to do. The facilities were clean and basic at Bay Ness Farm, I would definitely stay here again.

Sunset at Robin Hoods Bay

Friday 28th August– We packed up our tent and went for our Land Rover experience half day with Colin from UK Land Rover Events. This was at the North Yorkshire Off Road Centre just next door to the side of Bay Ness Farm Camp Site. I’ve reviewed Colin and UK Land Rover Events in my other blog post. I really do recommend this if you are wanting some extra off road driving tuition, some of the tips were good to know for when we drive the Land Rovers on the road too. I drove up and down hills and on the side. It was good fun, especially in the wet and windy weather. It made it so much more fun. I love the setting of the off road course, hilly with panoramic views of the sea. We hope to be back again soon.

Off Roading at the North Yorkshire Off Road Centre

We then went into Whitby for a walk round, a nice cuppa and some cake at Harry’s and a go in the amusement arcade. We’d previously booked a table for a lovely meal out at The Wayfarer in Robin Hoods Bay so decided to still go for the meal in the evening. I had a lobster starter and a seafood platter main, the meals were lovely and I would recommend you visit if you like seafood as it was so good. After the meal we went for a walk along the beach to watch the sunset, it was spectacular.

Saturday 19th September– We arrived at Middlewood Farm Holiday Park around 4pm. After we were shown where our pod was we unpacked the car and relaxed for a bit before a evening walk down to Robin Hoods Bay. It was about a ten minute walk through fields with cows in. Nice and scenic in the countryside, a world away from the one we live in. The fresh air was lovely. The tide was in when we got there, we managed to find somewhere to sit and I had a peppermint tea. After a long walk back to the camp site via boggle hole, where the fairies live in their little houses and through a ford, we relaxed with a bbq and a cuppa. The campsite was so clean and tidy with excellent facilities, the best I’ve seen on a camp site. We will stay here again in the near future.

Glamping Pod at Middlewood Farm Holiday Park

Sunday 20th September– After cooking breakfast we went on some long walks down the beach for the day at Robin Hoods Bay. I recommend you try the donuts on the beach at The Galley On The Quarterdeck, they are just amazing. In the evening we stayed at the pod with a bbq and enjoyed the sunset.

Monday 21st September– After a relaxing morning at the pod, we went into Whitby as we had a table booked at the famous Magpies café. The fish and chips were the best I’ve ever had. You definitely need to try them if you haven’t already. We spent most of the day by the beach and walking round. It was very sunny and warm, the sky and sea was so clear and blue.

Tuesday 22nd September– We packed the car and left the camp site early, we decided to go into Robin Hoods Bay for the day before we set off home around late afternoon. The sun was shining and we got to the sea early to watch the tide go out. We were one of the first onto the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous. We went off looking for fossils again and walked along the beach to boggle hole and back. It was a lovely long weekend, one I will remember for years to come. We left feeling relaxed, refreshed and sunburnt.

If you haven’t been to North Yorkshire I recommend a trip when you get chance, especially when the weather is lovely! If you want to visit these places and go camping. Keep reading my other blog post where you can find out which essential items you need to take.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

16 thoughts on “Where to visit in Whitby & Robin Hoods Bay

  1. The glamping pod looks so cute and wow that sunset was beautiful! Definitely would love to explore England more as we have some stunning places to visit!

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  2. WOW! I have never visited North Yorkshire before but this sounds like the perfect weekend away! I am sorry that your first trip was cut short but the little glamping cabin looks so cute and cosy! I am glad you had a brilliant time.

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