Why You Should Support Local Businesses

If the last few months has taught me anything, its taught me that we need to support the smaller, local businesses. I do love an amazon purchase, its far too easy to make them and with next day delivery and sometimes same day delivery its far too tempting for those last minute purchases. Though this is convenient, we are generally lining the pockets of the rich.

When you buy from a small business, there is a real down to earth person behind it, someone who is living their dreams out for real. Someone who sat there one day, decided what they wanted to do and worked hard to make their dreams come true.

There was a couple of birthdays I needed to buy for during August, I never know what to buy people so decided I needed to find out what local businesses had available. I also had some days out planned, some pampering planned for me and a camping trip organised that I needed supplies for.

What did I buy?

Here’s where the fun started, I got on my social media channels and had a look around to see what was available. Here are some businesses, local and slightly further afield but all UK based, that I found some really cool stuff from.

Afternoon Delights– based in Yorkshire, Tasmin makes cakes and afternoon teas to order. I ordered an afternoon tea from her Instagram page for a picnic I had organised at the local country park. I collected the afternoon tea box and Tasmin was so lovely. The food was yummy, everything was homemade, a real pleasure to buy from.

Mini Melts– Mini Melts is a small wax melt company. I ordered some cute, lovely smelling wax melts for my burner and as presents. I love these, they arent too overpowering as some can be and they last quite a while, the variety of scents is good too. I ordered from Melissa via her Instagram page and she even threw in a freebie to try.

Waterlily Beauty– based in Rotherham, Waterlily take care of all your beauty needs. I went here for my manicure including biosculpture nails and a pedicure. I love my nails after I’ve been here and they last a while, my nails have never grown so long, these are my own nails in the picture, not acrylic. I love that they have their own app, its so easy to book or change appointments. All the girls are lovely and I always have a laugh when I come here.

UK Landrover Events– based at Yorkshire Off Road Centre in Robin Hoods Bay, Colin is available for your next off road experience day. I went here for a land rover experience day to get some tips on how to use the land rover to its full advantage. This was the first one I had been on that I managed to drive too. Really enjoyed it! Colin is a joy to deal with, so helpful.

The CBD Selection– based in Blackburn just over the hills from me, they supply CBD products. I order from their website for my CBD oils. The flavours aren’t like others I’ve had, these taste so much nicer. The thing I love about this company is their customer service, they have it spot on.

Bath Bomb and Beyond– based in Rotherham they sell bath bombs and clean home and car products. I ordered some bath bombs from their website for myself and as presents. These smelt amazing as soon as I collected them, not tried them yet but will be very soon! Apologies for the language 🙂 thanks ladies for the excellent customer service!

Glitter And Earth– based in Cornwall they supply magical illustrations for wild souls and free spirits. I buy my blogging notebooks from the Etsy shop and I ordered some as presents. Jacqueline who owns Glitter And Earth is so lovely. She also makes tea shirts, cards and other gift items. Thanks for the lovely customer service Jacqueline 🙂

Mummabeartreats– not sure where this small business is based but its down south somewhere. I ordered some sweets for my camping trip. You order on their website and the delivery came not long after. Just in time for my trip away.

What did I find?

All the businesses were easy to order from either from their own website, through Instagram or through Etsy. The one thing I did notice when buying from local businesses rather than large companies was the customer service. I love receiving a personal service from real people all these people were so friendly and so helpful I will definitely buy from these companies again.

Why should you support local businesses?

In this day and age it’s so easy to buy from large companies but by doing this we are stopping smaller companies from trading. What you tend to find from smaller companies is much more talent and this talent is what we need in our world.

These people are experts are in their own field of work. Whether they are expert at driving skills, beauty skills, making and creating skills or supplying upcoming new things we should be supporting them. We don’t want these talents to die out so we need to keep supporting them.

Next time you decide to buy anything, just think to yourself, can I buy this from a smaller business? You might be surprised at what you might find and it’ll probably loads better than buying from a larger company like Amazon.

These are just a small snapshot of local companies, I will try to buy local in future and it’s great so see many doing well lately given the circumstances.

Which small businesses do you support?

13 thoughts on “Why You Should Support Local Businesses

  1. This is such a nice gesture, and I agree- more of us need to support local businesses. Afternoon Delights looks amazing!


  2. I have totally changed my shopping habits since lockdown and actively seek independent sellers. Thank you for sharing what you have found

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