A Day In The Life Of….A Child Studies Masters Student

Welcome to Day 7 of 7- A Day In The Life Of…..

Today we have the lovely Karalee from Denmark, Karalee is currently studying Child Studies at master’s level. Karalee is also a book, lifestyle and beauty blogger.

I am a full-time Child Studies master’s student at Linköping University in Sweden, but I live in Denmark with my boyfriend and our daughter. My master’s program is mainly online, which gives me the ability to study outside of Sweden. I am originally from Texas, and I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology before moving to Denmark.

During the week, my boyfriend works, and I am in charge of taking my daughter to kindergarten. By the time me and my daughter wake up, which is around 6-7 AM, my boyfriend has already left for work. After we wake up, I will make breakfast, and it is often a small breakfast with a bun and banana because she will eat breakfast at 9 AM at her kindergarten. After breakfast, I get my daughter ready, and I make sure to put sunscreen on her as they play outside for most of the day. Around 8 AM, we leave for kindergarten. I was recently given a Christiania bike, which is a cargo bike that has an area in the front for children to sit in. We take the Christiania bike to her kindergarten, which is over 2km away. We used to walk, but it took around 30 minutes, but with the bike, our travel time was cut in half.

After I drop my daughter off at kindergarten, I will often stop by the grocery store to shop for dinner before returning home to work on my studies. Once I get home, the first thing I do is I give myself some time to browse social media and get that out of the way so I can then focus on my studies. Around 9:30 I will dive into my studies. When I had classes, my schedule for the day varied and I would watch lectures and videos, complete readings, participate in discussions, and write assignments, but now I am working on my second-year thesis. Since I am working on my thesis, I will read previous research, do an analysis of my data, and work on writing my thesis. Between 11 AM-12 PM, I will take a break for lunch. I will often have leftovers or make myself pasta or a salad. While eating my lunch, I will watch Netflix as it takes my mind off my thesis. After lunch, I will get back into my work and pick up whatever I was doing before lunch. I will continue to work on my thesis until 3 PM-3:30 PM as my boyfriend will pick up our daughter from kindergarten and be home around that time. When my daughter gets home, I will make her a small snack and we will watch YouTube, play with Legos or other toys, or play a video game.

Around 5 PM I will start cooking dinner, which varies depending on what I picked up from the grocery store. I am vegetarian, but my boyfriend and daughter eat meat so I will often make the same meal, but with two separate portions. For example, if I make tacos, I will make a portion of beef or chicken then a portion of vegetarian beef or chicken. If I make pasta or a soup, I will make bacon on the side or if I make pulled pork burgers, I will make sweet potato or portobello mushroom burgers for me. My favorite dinner of all time is sushi, and I was gifted a Pusheen sushi set that I frequently use. Making sushi is time consuming especially since the rice needs to soak before being cooked and the tofu and vegetables need to be chopped, but it is worth it and tastes delicious. I also enjoy getting takeout sushi every now and then.

After dinner, I will get my daughter ready for bed, and around 7 PM, I will go into the bedroom with her and read her two books. Shortly after I finish reading the books, she will fall asleep and I will have the rest of the evening free. During the evenings, I will not do any work for my thesis, and instead, I will do something I enjoy such as watching Netflix or YouTube, playing a game on my Nintendo Switch or my laptop, or writing a blog post. Around 10:30 PM I will get ready for bed and go to sleep.

On the weekends, my boyfriend is off from work and I take the time off from my studies, so my routine is different than during the week. I wake up around the same time, but I will often make a larger breakfast with eggs, bacon, baked beans, and toast. After breakfast we will often go out. We might go downtown to the farmer’s market on Saturday, down to the harbor for ice cream or to the mall for some shopping. We might also visit my boyfriend’s mother who has a garden home during the summer, and she will grill lunch for us that day.

Some weekends we may stay home and only visit the playground so my daughter can have some time to play outside. We also often have takeout during the weekend for one lunch or dinner. On the weekends I also enjoy baking with my daughter, and we will often make a cake or cupcakes.

On Sundays I normally spend some time cleaning such as doing the dishes and putting up laundry. On Sundays I also make a weekly to-do list and plan for my studies and blog so I am prepared for the week ahead. For my studies, I will include any readings I need to complete or sections of my thesis I need to write and edit. For my blog, I will include the blog posts I want to write and publish, and I will set an evening side to reply to comments. Having a weekly to-do list helps ensure that I do not procrastinate on my studies.

As far as more about me, like I mentioned, I am from Texas, and I currently live in Denmark. I am studying Child Studies at the master’s level, which is my greatest achievement to date. After I had moved to Denmark, I started looking for a master’s program I could apply to, but there are no psychology programs in Denmark that are taught in English, and there is one program at the University of Copenhagen that is somewhat related to psychology. After applying to that program and being rejected, the following year I decided to look at programs that were online and I found the Child Studies program at Linköping University. I was not only accepted into the program, but I received a 50% scholarship as well. My master’s program is mainly online, and once every semester I had to go to Sweden for one week for lectures and assignments. Since I live in Denmark, I was able to take the train the day before classes started and leave the day classes ended and be home in the evening. I do believe things happen for a reason, and I am much happier with my current master’s program than if I was accepted into the program at the University of Copenhagen. If you are currently applying to a master’s program or even undergraduate programs, I would tell you to not give up when looking for programs because you will find one that suits you. When you do find a program you like, look for backup programs as well. When I applied to my master’s program, I had a list of other online master’s programs that I could apply to if I did not get accepted. I am glad that I did get accepted, but it does not hurt to have backup options. As far as one goal I would like to achieve, I want to be accepted into a PhD program. My dream job is to do child psychology research for a university or a governmental or nongovernmental organization, which often requires a PhD. I would also be the first one in my family with a PhD, which would be a huge achievement.

To follow Karalee, please see her blog and social media links below. We wish her luck with her studies.

Blog: https://talesofbelle.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karaleecupcake/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaraleeCupcake

So that was day 7, our final day in the series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our real people and their real lives. Thank you to everyone who took part.

One thought on “A Day In The Life Of….A Child Studies Masters Student

  1. I love it! I love that you live over seas and I love all the fun things you do with your daughter (such a fun age!). I also lo e that you’re getting your pHD. WELL DONE!! Animal Crossing, yes? 🤣🥰

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