A Day In The Life Of….An Independent Travel Agent

Welcome to Day 6 of 7- A Day In The Life Of…..

Today’s post is by the beautiful Rachel and she works as an Independent Travel Agent, she enjoys booking people on their dream holidays and finding their ideal destinations.

Hi Everyone, I’m Rach and i’m currently working as an Independent Travel Agent.

I normally wake up at 6.30am and the first thing I do is some meditation and mindfulness or I go for a walk. I have an iced coffee, make my breakfast, have a shower and get ready for the day ahead.

My place of work is wherever I want it to be, being a travel agent working for myself allows me to work from any location. I can work anytime, anywhere. When it’s something you love doing, it doesn’t feel like work. The first thing I do is make lists including a to do list so everything is straight in my head and I have an agenda for the day.

The first part of my day includes tying up loose ends from the day before and promoting current travel deals and replying to customers about their holidays. I answer queries about any deals I’ve promoted that customers are interested in and help them find their dream holiday destination.

This usually lasts the morning then for lunch i’ll have yummy berries and nuts or maybe an omelette.

The next part of your day involves more promoting, booking holidays, finding deals for customers and researching holidays.

I generally finish at 4pm depending where i’m working then when I get home I start preparing ingredients for tea and either have a quick HIIT session or a walk. I love eating foods which are full of goodness. Fish and plenty of good vegetables and fruits. Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisines are my absolute favourites.

During the evening I like spending time with my other half and my fur babies. I enjoy relaxing and catching up on a series on Netflix. Then I go to bed around 10pm.

In my spare time I enjoy very long walks, meeting friends for a good natter over coffee or food. I enjoy baking and cooking different and new foods.

I have always dreamt of travelling the world and I hope to do this with my experience of booking holidays.

My greatest achievement has been overcoming my anxiety, it’s a work in progress but I’m so much further on than I was.

The advice i’d give to someone wanting to become an independent travel agent would be to go for it. Don’t waste time thinking “what if” because everyone loves to travel and you’ll really enjoy it.

My one goal I would love to achieve is a happy and content family life, I want to be able to provide everything they need.

My spirit animal would be a cat – I love a tickle, I’m always sleepy, needy but on my own terms and i’m sassy.

My biggest strength is I am me, apologetically.. I think that takes guts. And it’s taken me a while to just be ME.

My biggest weakness is being too nice to the wrong people. Everyone deserves niceness, but when it’s never reciprocated, it’s tiring. That’s when you need to practice self love and leave that behind.

To plan for my working week I write lists, lists and more lists! This helps me keep motivated and reach my goals.

If anyone would like a quote for your dream holiday please contact me by email rachellouise0912@hotmail.com

Check back tomorrow for day 7 and our final day in this series!

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