A Day In The Life Of….A Social Worker and Travel Blogger

Welcome to Day 4 of 7- A Day In The Life Of…..

Today’s post is by the lovely JoJo, a social worker and travel blogger from America.

Hey guys, I’m JoJo from JoJo’s Cup of Mocha! I’m a travel blogger with a blog aimed at engaging and connecting with others to provide tips, tricks, and shared experience with travel.

I am a part time travel blogger, but my full time job is a social worker in the foster care system. To go into a little bit more detail, I provide support to foster care parents who haven children and youths in their homes with behavioural and mental disorders. My job is to, of course, support the foster parents but to also ensure the safety, stability, and permanency of the home and the children and youth in the home. Prior to this pandemic, I usually woke up at 5am to wash my face, brush my teeth, put on makeup, business casual clothing, and maybe eat breakfast if I had time. More often than not, I went to Dunkin Donuts to get my breakfast and I would eat it on the 2 hour commute to Philadelphia. Since traffic is horrible, I tried to get to my office or my visit with the foster parent as early as possible so I could end my day early as well. For example, if I was going into the office for a full work day, I would aim to be there around 8am so I could leave at 4pm. Or, if I’m going to a visit, I would aim to be there around 9am so I could be done around 5pm.

Nowadays, I wake up a 7:30am to do my morning workout, shower, eat breakfast, and begin my workday at 9am. If I have an extra early visit, or if I have something else to do, I’ll start work around 8:30am so I can end at 4:30pm. I personally enjoy working from home because I don’t have to wake up so early and drive 2 hours to and from Philly. I can accomplish a lot of things outside of work (like my blog and new YouTube channel) because I’m not dedicating hours of driving for work. Whether at the office or at home, not necessarily when I’m out in the field (I’ll get to that routine in a minute), first thing I do is log onto my computer and fill out my time sheet. Then I log into my work email, check my emails and respond to anything that needs a response. If I’m out in the field, before I go to the foster parent’s house I call or text them to confirm our visit for the day. If I’m lucky I’ll receive confirmation, sometimes I don’t receive a response, but either way I make the trip out there since I have other visits later on in the day. When I’m out in the field, I’m focused on communicating with my clients and ensuring I have the paperwork for our visits.

My schedule varies due to being a social worker, which means my lunch break varies. On average, my lunch break is from 12pm-1pm and I try to be consistent. However, things happen that are beyond my control and need immediate attention. In those instances I try to eat when I can. Maybe I’ll eat earlier than noon or I’ll eat after I’m done with that emergency call, it varies. For example, yesterday I started my workday at 8:30. At 8:43am, I received a phone call from a resource parent about the youth in the home having to go to the crisis centre. That is an emergency so I didn’t have time to eat my breakfast. I stayed on the phone with her until around 9:30am. That ran into my scheduled virtual visit with another parent at 9am. So after the first phone call, I had my visit with the other parent and that, of course, went longer than usual. After that, I went onto my next virtual visit straight away. That visit happened to be with the first parent who called about the crisis situation. During my virtual visit with her I got phone calls from my supervisor and other foster care parents. By the time I returned phone calls and other duties, it was around 12:30pm.

I live in a small town and places take a lot of time to drive to. By the time I got home with my lunch it was close to 1:30. I took a 30 minute lunch break, then jumped right back into working continuously until the end of my working day at 4:30pm. I took my lunch at 1:30pm but didn’t take the full hour, as the foster parent was experiencing a crisis, I cut my break short to attend to the situation.

When I get the time to eat, I try to eat healthier foods that I made from home. However, sometimes I don’t have time to make food, so I’d go and buy fast food when I’m out in the field. But since I work from home now I either order food or I eat the few things I cook. I cook things like pasta, bread, burritos, pizza, yogurt and cereal.

The other parts of my working day are split between answering emails, phone calls, doing clinical paperwork, and having virtual visits with foster parents. Some days I’m busy and other days it’s not too crazy. When I was still out in the field, I would get home around 4pm-8pm depending on my schedule. Philly traffic is crazy, and since I live 1.5 to 2 hours away, I usually get home pretty late.

As i’m working at home now I’m usually done at 5pm and I get to chill for a little bit before I start working on either my blog or schoolwork. Before, I had whatever was quick and convenient like cereal or frozen stuff. Or sometimes I would pit stop at a fast food place and eat on my way home. There were days when I was so tired, and I came home so late, that I just didn’t eat anything for dinner. But, since I’m working from home, I can say that I always eat dinner. And, since I’m home all day, I love having extra time to watch my shows, watch YouTube, complete my schoolwork, and work on my blog.

Maybe I ate if I had energy, but usually I would watch like one YouTube video or read half a journal article for school before I would go to sleep around 9pm-10pm. I couldn’t stay up too late because I had to wake up at 5pm. Now, I go to sleep anywhere from 10pm-1pm depending on the day, but since I don’t have to commute, I can sleep in and still manage to wake up and start my workday at 9am.

Besides work and school, I love to watch shows, YouTube videos, write, and read. I also love going to the movies, hanging out with my friends, and of course, travelling! Since I’m working from home, I love how I have the opportunity to put more time into writing and watching videos/shows. Haven’t gotten back into reading yet because I read so much for school, I can’t look at a book afterwards, but once I’m done with grad school, I’m going to get back into reading for fun.

I don’t really have any fun, cool secrets about myself. I guess I’d say that when I was a newborn, I had blue eyes before they changed to the dark brown colour they are now.

My greatest achievement to date is studying abroad in London. Until I received my master’s degree, I can’t say that’s my greatest achievement because I’m not done with grad school yet.

If you would like to get into social work for a living, I’d recommend going to school for social work, getting your master’s if possible and becoming licensed. I’d also recommend working for a social work agency or behavioural health, depending on which field of social work you want to go into.

My bachelor’s degree is in Political Science and Criminology, and come this fall, my master’s degree will be in criminal justice with a concentration in analysis of criminal behaviour. I didn’t go to school for social work, and I didn’t think I’d end up in this field. It’s something that happened as time went on and I needed jobs. It was easy because there’s such a need for field workers that there are always positions open, so I took one.

One goal I am determined to achieve in my lifetime is travelling to all 7 continents. I love travelling and my travels will not be complete until I’ve been to all of the continents.

My spirit animal is a cat because they’re so chill and smart but somewhat lazy at times. That’s pretty much how I see myself.

My biggest strength is determination and my weakness is assertiveness.

Hope you had fun reading, to see more of JoJo you can connect with her on her social media channels below or follow her blog:

Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for another A Day In The Life Of….

10 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of….A Social Worker and Travel Blogger

  1. You’re a rockstar! I am glad you don’t have to commute 2 hours to work and back!! That is brutal and so is social work. When I worked in pediatrics, our social workers were our heroes. That job is tough! And we need people who know what they’re doing working in that system. Congratulations on getting your master’s soon. I’m glad you make time for yourself😀😀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Wow!! SO much respect, this is such a tough job regardless but the job stress plus that commute and time to run a blog is amazing. Working from home without the commute must make such a huge difference to the day x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow a 2 hour commute!! I cannot imagine. I’ve loved working from home because I have so much more time in the mornings and afternoons to cook or exercise or work on my blog, things I rarely had time for before. It was great reading about your day-to-day life and learning more about you!


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