A Day In The Life Of….A Bid Coordinator

Welcome to Day 1 of 7- A Day In The Life Of…..

I’m going to do 7 days in a row of a day in the life of someone, we have a brilliant variety of people for you to get to know.

Here we go:

Today’s post is by me and I work for a UK based construction company. I recently completed my Diploma in Marketing.

Hello! I’m Lindsey and i’m a Bid Coordinator, I work across the East Midlands helping the bid teams to secure new work opportunities within the construction sector. I also support the preconstruction team to get those projects to construction stage. In my spare time, i’m a community first responder and a blogger.

My working week is usually Monday to Friday and my day starts at 6.30am when my alarm goes off, I usually snooze to 7am. My morning routine consists of coffee first and then I feed the cats. My next is to get dressed and go through my skin care routine. Cleanse, toner, serum and moisturise. Brush my teeth and then take my medications. Style my hair and put deodrant and perfume on. Then go downstairs for another coffee and breakfast, some toast or cereal. Then I check my phone for any messages and have a quick catch up on my social media.

At the moment i’m working from home as the office is closed due to current circumstances. When the office opens I will split my time between the office and home, depending on the projects i’m working on.

I usually start work between 8-9am and my first job is to look through my emails and action them. My role involves checking online portals for new opportunities and looking after the administration of existing ones, through frameworks we are working on. This includes all construction projects that fit our scope throughout the UK.

Then I get to work on the projects we are working on, this may be assisting with the tendering for new opportunities or producing reports for ones we have within preconstruction that we need to get to construction stage. I work alongside colleagues in design, estimating, planning, support functions such as administration, document control, sustainability and community, and my direct team.

This usually takes up my whole day, unless its submission week and we may work longer hours and weekends. On quiet times I update our information library and ask colleagues if they need any help with their work. This helps me gain a greater knowledge of the processes and other roles.

Lunch normally consists of a cheese toastie, a salad, jacket potato, beans on toast or poached egg on toast. I do like lunch out once a week at subway or our local sandwich shop for brunch.

I usually finish work at 5.30-6pm and the first thing I do is get changed into comfies. Even though I work from home, I prefer to get dressed in work clothes and get changed when i’m finished. I still have my dress down Fridays like I would have when I worked in the office. Unless i’m booking on as a community first responder, then i’ll put my uniform and PPE on.

Then I make my dinner, I’ve been ordering Gousto boxes to save time spent in supermarkets and I love the different recipes. I was stuck in a rut with what to have and having Gousto brings a really good variety. They are so easy to make and they save a lot of time.

During the evening when i’m not booked on, I like to relax with a book or work on my blog posts. Sometimes I’ve been doing my blog posts at 6am before work so then I can relax on the evening. If i’m not relaxing with a book, i’ll be catching up on Netflix or Greys Anatomy, or watching something ambulance related on Sky. I love to sit in my garden, i’m blessed with a garden with lovely views and its beautiful during the summer.

I usually go to bed around 10pm, after a shower and my evening skin care routine. I like to pop my diffuser on with an oil of my choice and relax. Sometimes I read a book or watch some TV. I like to leave my phone downstairs to have a social media detox before bed.

The advice I would give to someone wanting to do what I do is you need to work hard at it. If you are at school, get your English GCSE’s and read and write as much as you can. If you want a career change, see what courses you can do relating to winning new work and tendering. Take a marketing course too as this will help you lots. The role needs someone who can work with a variety of personalities and someone who is good at organising things. You need to be good at working in a team as well as on your own. You need to be ready to put the hours in and be wanting to continually improve on what you do, someone who wants to learn all the time.

For my career I would like to become a bid manager or a project lead and I want to travel the world. I’d like to get to a point within my career where I have worked enough to get to a good position with enough money saved that I can take a year out.

My spirit animal would be a bird- they are free spirited. “The bird spirit animal is associated with higher knowledge. It symbolises freedom and strength, as well as harmony with fellow creatures. … The bird meaning signifies illumination and empowerment. It ushers in fortune and luck, and it represents purity, elegance, opportunity, and victory”. (Google)

My biggest strength is I am enthusiastic and like to give everything to whatever I enjoy doing. I am trustworthy and determined. My weaknesses are I don’t have a lot of patience, I have low confidence and I take other peoples problems as my own.

To plan for the working week I keep a bullet journal and spend half an hour on Sunday making sure I have everything ready for the week. My Gousto gets delivered and I plan the other 3 evening meals, whilst planning lunches for the 5 working days. I think about my diary for Monday and the work I have planned in and what is required for those.

I think about when to schedule my posts for and what they will be about, how I will promote them, my blogging goals and any photography or images needed. I also think about what personal things I want to do during the week, what books I want to read or if I have anything organised with friends or family.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading, check back tomorrow for the next a day in the life of…..

4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of….A Bid Coordinator

  1. Fantastic! Your job sounds very interesting and I never thought of something like that coming out of a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Good to know!! I can also appreciate the importance of skin care and finding time to just read. ❤️

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