Ten places to visit before I die, where would you go?

Maldives / © Wikimedia Commons

If you had to choose ten places to visit in the world before you die, where would you go? Its a big world to choose from!

Here’s mine:

1. Canada

Niagara Falls is a place I’ve always wanted to go, apparently one of the most beautiful and majestic sights in the world. It does look spectacular lit up at night. Have you been to Canada? Where would you stay whilst you visit here?

Niagara Falls / © Needpix

2. Florida

All of the different beaches look amazing, South Beach & Clearwater Beach look stunning. A sunset catamaran sail would be great to finish a lovely day off here. Miami and Tampa are the places i’d like to visit. Sunshine Skyway Bridge looks incredible. Have you been? What was your experience?

Sunshine Skyway Bridge / © Flickr

3. Iceland

The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, would be my main attraction here. AD| Inspired by my latest read Burial Rites which is set in Iceland during the 1700’s. Swimming in the blue lagoon and a stay in Reykjavik, a visit to the volcanoes and glittering glaciers followed by bathing in the geothermal lakes formed by volcanoes. What other experiences are there to visit in Iceland?

Iceland / © pikist

4. Maldives

Number one on my list is the Maldives, an idyllic beach villa to relax and let the stresses of life float away. Palm trees and white sands and infinity views of the sea sound perfect. Scuba diving in the tranquil waters followed by dinner on the picture perfect beach. Please don’t let me know if you have been here, we wont be able to be friends 🙂

Maldives / © Wikimedia Commons

5. Croatia

Swimming in the turquoise crystal clear Adriatic sea, paragliding, hidden coves and sunbathing would be the choice here. A visit into the historic and cultural town and a wine tour. Croatia has over 1000 islands, I would love to visit some of them by boat. Croatian cuisine looks like my kind of food, I love seafood. Have you been to Croatia, what other things would you recommend?

Croatia / © Flickr

6. Malta

The Mellieha Air Raid Shelter is an extensive network of tunnels, man made shelters that were used during WW2. I once visited the Somme and it was interesting to see what people went through during those times and how they lived. These places usually have a sombre emotional atmosphere and this is another place i’d like to visit. Maltese beaches look stunning, the clear waters would be lovely for swimming in. What other activities would you recommend whilst in Malta?

Malta Beach / © wallpaperflare

7. Greece

Ancient mythology, deep blue seas and tasty food. Explore the architecture in Santorini, there is no other like it. A visit to the Museum Of The Kalavryta Holocaust, a powerful tribute to the residents of Kalavryta that perished during 1943. A trip to Crete to relax and watch people enjoying the surf on Balos Beach or a visit to Corfu to visit the long sandy beaches. Which places have you visited whilst in Greece?

Santorini / © pikrepo

8. Sweden

A visit to Stockholm old town to marvel at the unique architecture and see where the Stockholm Syndrome was born during a robbery at norrmalmstorg in 1973. Visit Sweden’s first Nuclear Reactor, R1, 25 metres underground and stay in a treehouse hotel on the outskirts of an arctic forest at Boden. Stay in the worlds first Icehotel at Kiruna and visit the Oresund Bridge at Malmo. This bridge/tunnel appears to dead end right into the sea, it transitions from bridge to tunnel as the road and railway dips beneath the waves. Have you been on this bridge? What is it like?

Oresund Bridge / © Wikimedia Commons

9. Seychelles

Known as paradise on earth, deep blue waters and home to some of the worlds best white sandy beaches and exotic sea life, a place of rest and relaxation. For a bit of an adventure, a hike up Eagles Nest Mountain to watch the sunset whilst eating dinner. Have you been here? Where did you stay?

A view from Eagle’s Nest/ © Wikipedia

10. Caribbean

Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba and Jamaica including the islands of Aruba, British Virgin Islands and St. Barts, St. Maarten/Martin are places I’ve wanted to visit in the Caribbean. This corner of the tropics with its breathtaking beaches, delicious rum punch and reggae beats. For breathtaking scenery and vibrant, green/blue seas, the most beautiful beach in the world, Varadero Beach in Cuba is a place I would love to visit and maybe at Christmas time. Have you spent Christmas on a Caribbean beach?

Varadero Beach, Cuba / © pikist

So there we go, ten places on my bucket list. Let me know if you have been and where you recommend visiting whilst at them. Hopefully soon the restrictions will lift and allow for more travel. Maybe if you live near these we can be friends and I can stay at yours 🙂 Until then stay safe and get those bucket lists ready for when the world is ready to be seen again!

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16 thoughts on “Ten places to visit before I die, where would you go?

  1. These are brilliant choices. I think I’d visit all of them quite happily. I love Malta. I really want to book it for our honeymoon i 2022. My parents went for their’s because my Mum grew up there. Its a magical place x

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  2. There are some beautiful places on your list. I would love to visit the Maldives, New Zealand and Fiji (and loads more) if I got the chance. Greece is definitely my favourite place to visit, it is just beautiful as are the people!

    Lovely post!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  3. Such a good post, I have actually been to 6 out of the 10 places and can confirm that they are all amazing choices.
    Canada I would also check out the rockies and areas of British Columbia.
    Florida – south beach and Clearwater are amazing as well as Tampa but make sure to add Naples to your list too and the Everglades.
    I won’t tell you that I’ve been to the Maldives lol
    Croatia had some beautiful hidden gems, the waterfalls are fantastic and the Croatian truffles are a delicacy to try.
    I haven’t been to any of the Caribbean islands you mention but I have been to St Lucia and it is a truly magical place.

    This is a really good list of fantastic places to visit, I hopefully will make it a 10/10 some day.


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    1. Thank you for the advice Mrs D! I will add it to my list for when I get to go. I’m
      glad you didn’t tell me you went to the Maldives, thank you for sparing my feelings 😀ooh St Lucia does sound good!


  4. So many of these are on my bucket list too! I lived in Canada for 8 months and managed to visit Niagara Falls whilst I was there. The town has become a tourist attraction with lots of hotels, restaurants and casinos but the falls themselves are the main attraction and rightly so! You can take a boat ride to get close to them – I really recommend it!

    I have also lived in Malta for a year which was an interesting experience. If you’re interested in the War History of the island, I really recommend visiting the National War Museum and the Mosta Church. Mosta Church was hit by a bomb but it never went off. I also recommend taking a boat trip to Gozo which is Malta’s sister island. It’s a lot less touristy and has some stunning beaches. There is also the sister island of Comino with its crystal blue waters (this gets very busy in summer. If you can, I recommend visiting in April/May when the weather is warming up with not ridden with tourists).

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    1. I love that you lived in some of these places that’s fab! I’d definitely go on the boat trip, I bet that is stunning! I would definitely like to check out the war history of Malta sounds interesting. Thanks for the advice Charlotte, I’ll add that to my list for when I get to go x


  5. Iceland is so high on my bucket list! And I love the Caribbean, I’ve been to Antigua a few times and went to St Lucia last year and they were both amazing!

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