My Beauty Favourites During Lockdown.

We are halfway through the year already, where did the time go? January doesn’t seem that long ago but it also feels like a lifetime ago! A lot has changed since then.

Having spent the last three months furloughed and in isolation from friends and family, I had a lot of spare time. I spent this time pampering myself, something which I usually wouldn’t have much time for. Its done me the world of good.

Apart from my CBD beauty items, these are my beauty favourites during lockdown.


Temple Spa

A very good friend introduced me to this range and I have never looked back. I absolutely love this range, there is so much you can buy on their online shop from sleep solutions to stress solutions and makeup. The packaging and products will look amazing on your bathroom shelf.

My Temple Spa Favourites

The Temple Spa brand is a Mediterranean inspired luxury skincare brand that believes you should live, breathe and love who you are.

Click here for Temple Spa products if you want to treat yourself and feel amazing. There is only one of you and you are so worth it, if you can’t go to a spa, let the spa come to you at home.

There are so many amazing Temple Spa products I have tried, which may feature in future blogs.

Here is a small selection of my lockdown favourites:

The Big Reveal Glycolic Peel (50ml) – This facial in an instant gel resurfaces brightens and smooths skin by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new cells. I spread a thin layer onto my face, leave it to dry and then gently rub in circular motions until its rubbed away, then cleanse my face with a warm damp flannel. My skin always looks brighter and fresh whilst feeling so soft.

Toning Essence (30ml & 150ml)- I use this after cleansing, before moisturising and during the day for a instant cooling fresh hydrating boost. Its also perfect after a flight to perk you up. I spritz the toner over my face and wipe the excess with a cotton pad. You can also apply by spraying onto a cotton pad and wiping your face but I love the cooling feeling when spraying directly onto my face. The toner smells amazing and is also good for sensitive skin.

Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream– (15ml & 30ml) This relaxing night cream smells so calming and makes me feel so relaxed before bed. Perfect as part of your evening pamper ritual. Its a cuddle in a pot, the lavender smell is just divine. Ingredients include Valerian, chamomile and lavender. I leave on my bedside table to use before bed and enjoy a serene nights sleep or pop in my handbag for a calming moment during the day.

Lovely Day Bronzing Gel– (30ml) This is liquid sunshine in a bottle, I use it for a instant natural looking face tan before going out. It washes out easily. I apply a little to give a nice flawless glow or you can use more to build up the colour to suit. Perfect for parties and weekends away. I always feel better when I have a bit of colour.

La La Lagoon Bath & Shower Gel (50ml & 150ml) When I use this I imagine i’m stood in a tranquil rainforest with blue lagoons and waterfalls. This is perfect for use as a shower gel and as a bubble bath to relax and unwind. La La Lagoon makes my skin feel really soft and smells beautiful with the aloe, bergamot and mint oil ingredients. Bergamot is a natural antiseptic, great for skin and for easing anxiety. Mint is stimulating and uplifting. A great combination after a long busy day!

Please note these products may also be available as part of collections. The toner and repose are also available in travel size as part of this set.

My other favourite skin care items.

Superdrug Face Masks– (£0.99- 3 for 2)- These are available as peel off, clay and self heating masks. The tropical one is my favourite, so relaxing and refreshing. Pop it on, close your eyes and pretend you are on a beach. These smell lovely and make my skin feel soft and pampered.

Daily Concepts Soap Sponge- Charcoal & Mother of Pearl- These came as part of my birchbox monthly subscription (currently out of stock) and they are the best 2-in-1 soap sponges for the shower. They are fab for oily skin, smell fresh and make you feel clean.

Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser– (£13.00 for 240g)- This soothing almond oil cleanser moisturises and calms the skin. I usually add it to a cotton pad and use as a moisturiser/cleanser or its great as a makeup remover. The ylang ylang oil smells beautiful, luxury in a bottle.


The VO5 range is available from Superdrug and is currently 2 for £6.

My hair is usually quite dry and frizzy, my favourite brand at the moment is VO5 as its perfect for dry coloured hair. I use the Coconut Hot Oil once a week before shampooing, after towel drying I apply the VO5 Hair Oil daily, before drying and styling I apply the VO5 Heat Protect Serum. I usually let my hair dry naturally but use the serum if I style my hair before going out.

These products feel really light in my hair and doesn’t make it greasy, they also seem to last for ages as you only need to use a small amount and it smells nice. The hot oil makes my hair feel luxuriously soft when shampooing out. The hair oil helps with detangling when brushing and makes it more manageable when straightening. VO5 products make my hair look and feel healthy and smell lovely.


So..? Bali Breeze Body Mist– This body mist reminds me of holidays! I use it through the day for a quick pick me up. Spray over body, close your eyes and imagine being on a beach with cocktails and the sound of the sea with the heat of the sun. The tropical coconut smell is lush!

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of these products and have not been compensated in any way for this post. My products were ordered and paid for out of my own money and all opinions are my own.

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